CDJA Letterhead

September 30th, 1998

MacMillan & Wife Music Services Inc.
1655 The Queensway East, Unit #5
Mississauga, Ontario
L4X 2Z5

Dear Scott & Cher MacMillan:

As you know, our association receives hundreds of calls each year from consumers requesting references on a number of our corporate DJ service members across Canada. We are pleased and proud to assist the consumer in any way possible in the selection of an appropriate professional disc jockey for their function.

In the past year our association office in Toronto has received a significant number of telephone calls from consumers regarding your particular DJ service, MACMILLAN & WIFE MUSIC SERVICES INC. I am pleased to report that a number of these inquiries have commented to our office on how professional your service has been in their dealings with you. Many of these calls have praised your staff as being helpful, efficient and professional.

In my position as the national Executive Director of our association, I felt it was necessary to once again pass this very positive fact to you and your staff, and I am delighted to take this opportunity to congratulate both you and your staff on these excellent comments direct from consumers. You bring honour to your company, your reputation and to our industry with such commendable conduct and service to the consumer. Please accept my profound personal congratulations, and the congratulations of our association on this fine record, and our encouragement to keep up this excellent work.

Yours truly,

Dennis E. Hampson
National Executive Director



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